Monday, January 10, 2005

The Batticaloa Lagoon

Manobhavan took us along to show the ways in which the mangroves, lagoons and the condition of the mouth of the Batticaloa lagoon affected the Tsunami's impacts. He has presented all this at. On the way, on the inside of the lagoon we met with one of the Universities council members - he was an eyewitness to the Tsunami from his second story building - watching it come in three times - his house particularly the first floor suffered and the car that was in his garage was later found in a wetland some distance away. I took this picture with Naushad, Jayasundera, Iqbal and Mano outside his house.

The damage here was tremendous and boats had been smashed as much as houses and cars. We found three bodies partially buried in the beach. The US marines were doing something in the lagoon and I saw some of them dashing about in speed boats. Here is Jayasundera who wanted a picture with the American warship.