Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Getting Oriented

I reached Sri Lanka last morning to see how I could assist in the aftermath of the Tsunami relief - for three weeks on leave from work - I found that there was a huge demand for scientific expertise from every direction - and while I am not a geologist, I am well situated to do much given our past work particularly with case study for Sri Lanka on hotspots project and a detailed proposal from last year for disaster risk idenification. I hope to also visit the coast inEast and South soon to see first hand.

In pursuit of the first objective
we set up websites to enable the traffic of email among many informally querying for ways to fund, ways to volunteer, request for assistance into an .

Two savvy techies - Vidhura Ralapanawe and Neil Devadasan are just working our of their heart on this - now we are trying to look for ways in linking up to people who are offline by helping to set up offices in afflicted areas and distributing content in printed form in Sinhala and
Tamil from the web.