Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Polgolla Team

Much of the work in Sri Lanka was supported by the NRMS team at Polgolla - Zeenas, Manjula, Janaki and Siraj. trying to maintain contact with the IRC team geo/recoverlanka - useful coordinating work with the Polgolla staff (Zeenas, Manjula, Janaki and Siraj) in our Kandy offices – they have made good contributions to our work - in particular, Zeenas has been leading efforts at communicating to the Sri Lankan mass-media, producing information briefs that were sent out to the press and also arranging a presentation one of the national TV stations (MTV) for me. Manjula and Janaki have contributed to mapping operations of various kinds such as current weather, Tsunami risk, to constructing two emergency water treatment units. Siraj has been keeping the website going and tending to many pc helpdesk tasks. Manjula, Zeenas and Janaki joined in visiting Hambantota. We have missed our GIS specialist Upamala rather badly as she is on maternity leave.

Three of four graduates who were called for interview with barely a days notice turned up at Polgolla with degrees in physical sciences, electrical engineering and computer science – all from the University of Peradeniya. All three seemed recruitable so they are waiting for letters of reference for hiring.

This way, others in the office and myself can get back to our regular work faster – there are deadlines pending – we have a project on climate change in the plantations sector that ended on Jan 1 and we need the reports, the papers, the accounts and all that out immediately.