Thursday, January 20, 2005

Tangalle, Hambantota District

The sea had flooded into the shops in Tangalle town taking away their stock and in the case of shops with thir rear to the sea – destroying their rear – some of the shops had only their front façade left. The fisheries harbour at Tangalle had been damaged as well although not as badly as at Kirinde and Hambantota. Facing the sea is the Tangalle Rest House, a grand old masonry building in the style of the colonial period that had been spared although it had been inundated. Here is the view from the Rest House. Its also been spared on account of the fisheries harbour building in front of it. We had lunch here - the place had taken a bad hit and I think we were the first customers back.

Soon thereafter there were five men who came to imbibe a bottle of black and white whiskey who got more arrack and other eats for lunch. The money in the reconstruction work has drawn types other than those sensitized to the suffering around.

The Tangalle fisheries harbour building has been badly mangled and it was without its roof. One large fishing boat had been carried up a hill and deposited on its side mercifully without much damage. Most other smaller boats had been broken up.

By the time, we got to Tangalle it was 1 pm and we took a decision to return to Kandy via Embilipitiya thus missing out on visiting University of Ruhuna.